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We're For Sale!

We are selling our Company and Machines!
Thank you for all of your wonderful support for these past few years! Unfortunately, we're having to sell off our equipment and company, including our HIGH QUALITY Jipyangi Cone Making Machine!
If you're interested in any of our equipment, this website and/or our company, please email paul@cornycones.com or call 808-224-8816
Mahalo for your support!

Corny Cones - Korean J Shaped Ice Cream

Welcome to Corny Cones: The FIRST company to import the now famous J Shaped Korean Ice Cream Cone.

We manufacture the unique and growing Korean J Shaped Ice Cream Cone right here in Hawaii, using only All Natural and 100% Gluten Free corn. Our customized cone machine is capable of producing thousands of cones a day from our Licensed Production Facility in Kaka’ako.

The result is a All Natural, Gluten Free, Made-in-Hawaii, crunchy corn snack in the shape of a “J” with a hollow center. Ice cream is can then be fed into the product to produce a unique and delicious ice cream experience.

Strategic Planning

Gluten Free Goodness

Corny Cones is proud to present the famous J shaped cones which are all the rage across the pacific ocean in Korea and throughout Southeast Asia. The ice cream rage has swept across these areas during the hot and sunny seasons and are a perfect fit here in the islands to for a cool snack to match just about any warm day here in Hawaii.


Clients Relationship

Made in the Islands

Using only the finest ingredients, corny cones are manufactured directly here in Hawaii with a staff of local employees. Each cone is hand-made and shaped delicately with care. The end product is a delicious, crispy and functional ice cream cone that is an absolute joy to bite into on any tropical day.


New Ice Cream

Ice Cream Like Never Before

Try the most practical ice cream cone ever conceived today. The j shape of the corny cone allows for ice cream to collect in the handle without spillage, while the porous structure of the corn cone isolates the warmth from your hand and keeps the majority of your ice cream in a frozen state. You have to try it to believe it!


Corny Cones on Display


These cones are the perfect solution to ice cream dripping onto my hands when eating in this climate. The ice cream stays where it is and the cone never gets soggy.

Kekoa K. - Waianae, Hawaii

Simply delicious! This is the only ice cream cone I would ever label as being highly functional. The ice cream collects in the right spots and the cone is delicious to boot.

Lina R. - Honolulu, Hawaii

Wholesale Provider

We are selling the cones wholesale to any business interested in serving the cone.

We have machines you can lease or purchase from us. 110V and 220V machines available.


  • If you have an existing soft serve machine, we can modify it with the correct nozzle to get the ice cream into the cones.
  • The shelf life on our product, when stored properly is 90-120 days.

Contact Us

We can also provide the soft serve as well as the Dole Pineapple Soft Serve, sold by the case.

Please email info@cornycones.com or call 808-224-8816 for more information.

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