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Delicious and Rewarding

Nothing speaks volumes like customer satisfaction and a popular product. Our current wholesale customers have seen great leaps in business and have two elements to thank for that: the warm sun of the Hawaiian islands and the delicious crunch of our corny cones. Give your customers the all-natural crunch they've been missing out on.



Long-Lasting Freshness

Our corn-based gluten-free cones have an extraordinary shelf life time. When properly stored, corny cones will last up to 120 days in perfect condition. The cone is made from 100% finely selected corn and are shaped here in Hawaii to ensure maximum freshness. We ensure a crunch that stands against the test of time!


Insurance Services

Wholesale Satisfaction

Corny Cones comes with a satisfaction guarantee on all our cones. If you and your customers are not completely thrilled with our product, let us know and we'll be happy to come out and troubleshoot or custom fit your ice cream machines. We are honored to even be considered for your business and we believe it shows through our work.


We're For Sale!

We are selling our Company and Machines!
Thank you for all of your wonderful support for these past few years! Unfortunately, we're having to sell off our equipment and company, including our HIGH QUALITY Jipyangi Cone Making Machine!
If you're interested in any of our equipment, this website and/or our company, please email paul@cornycones.com or call 808-224-8816
Mahalo for your support!

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